Lexi Luna Seduces Potential Buyer with Property Sex!

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Raven haired vixen Lexi Luna is one shrewd real estate agent and prides herself on the art of sealing the deal. Potential homebuyer Kyle Mason is interested but Lexi thinks that she can help push him over the edge and really lock in her commission if she goes the extra mile. There is one small thing in her way when Kyle says, "I Have a Wife!" But that's never stopped her before. Taking matters into her own hands, the pale MILF begins to expose herself to him, pulling out her big fake tits revealing sexy lingerie beneath her skin tight blue dress. Nervous at first, Kyle backs away but soon realizes the opportunity he has before him to get a sweet deal and some on property sex! Dropping to her knees, Lexi Luna wraps her hands around his already rock hard big cock before expertly placing it between her lips. She can practically taste the sale as his legs shake when the head of his dick reaches the back of her throat. She's been selling houses like this for years and knows exactly how to make him melt. Stripping out of her dress and down to her lingerie, this MILF in stockings helps him test out the various 'features' this stunning pad has to offer, starting with a standing fuck against the wall. I think they're both going to enjoy this bonus fuck as Lexi's eyes roll back when his thick cock slides into her perfectly shaved pussy. After fucking her so hard it could shake the foundations, Kyle Mason lays the curvy cougar on the bed and kneels between her legs to get a taste of her soaked pussy. She wraps her nylon covered legs around his shoulders and makes him earn those closing costs. Soon he's aching to be back inside of Lexi Luna's tight body and stands at the edge of the bed, fucking her missionary style. Not long after that, our horny real estate agent climbs on top of him, riding every last hesitation he may have about making the purchase of a lifetime. Lexi's moans fill the empty house she's soon to offload when Kyle blows his load. After getting a taste of her big MILF booty, when Lexi Luna rides him in reverse cowgirl, Kyle decides it's time to finish this property sex soiree and take her from behind. He gives it all he's got, his hips bouncing off her bubble butt as his big dick slides in and out of her. His moans get louder and she knows exactly what to do, to guarantee this deal is done. Body glistening from sweat and the orgasms that have ripped through her, Lexi drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide for him. Instantly Kyle explodes and covers her waiting lips with a huge load of cum. I don't know about you but if I have to do paperwork, it always helps sweeten the deal to do it right after giving a gorgeous MILF like Lexi Luna a huge facial!